Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset Tracking

Eagle Wireless provides the best in state-of-the-art Asset Tracking Solutions. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect after you contact us:

  •     Improved asset utilization.
  •     Total awareness of asset availability.
  •     Reduces delays from misplaced equipment.
  •     Manage inventory remotely. You never need to leave your chair.
  •     Prevent theft and misuse.
  •     Boost productivity.
  •     Reduce operational costs.

Paperless Forms

Eagle Wireless provides doForms. 

This app makes work easier by improving the manner organizations collect, transmit, integrate, access, and share field-based data through their mobile forms technology. Increasingly, businesses and consumers demand instant or near-instant access to more and more information. Historically, paper forms have been the default method for field data collection and reporting results. Anymore, paper cannot handle the demand because it is:
  •     Expensive.
  •     Error-prone.
  •     Tedious.
  •     Slow
Affordable wireless bandwidth and powerful mobile devices have forever changed how data is collected in the field and transmitted into back-office systems. With mobile forms technology, data becomes faster and easier to collect, transmit, access and store. Now businesses are better positioned to act on accessible information and achieve success. doForms is able to help 92 million US mobile workers and 1.3 billion worldwide work easier, smarter and achieve success.

How Does doForms Help You?

  •     doForms is a mobile forms and workflow solution for businesses that enables companies to easily capture information in the field on smartphones and other mobile devices.
  •     That information is sent via the cloud back to the office.
  •     That data is seamlessly integrated into existing operating systems.
  •     Because doForms reduces paper flow and the need for expensive manual data entry, time and money are saved.
  •     doForms improves responsiveness, customer experience, and data accuracy and completeness.
  •     doForms is highly affordable and simple to implement, requiring no big upfront investment.
  •     Thousands of users in companies of all sizes use doForms to streamline field data collection and increase real-time operational control.



  • Building the right forms to automate your business is easy.
  • You can build as many mobile forms as needed for one low price.
  • 30+ drag-and-drop tools make it easy to create surveys, perform calculations, integrate data or collect signatures.
  • Your field-based workers, customers, and vendors can easily capture mission-critical information.
  • Use mobile forms to collect data on smartphones, tablets, laptops or the web.
  • With doForms you can distribute forms via email or dispatch them to field workers, customers or vendors on a real-time basis.

doForms makes it easier to collect data and manage work orders. This helps organizations in government and higher education:

  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve service to the public

doForms is a GSA IT Schedule 70 contractor and is recognized as an authorized preferred vendor able to do business with, and offer preferred pricing to federal and local government agencies.

  •     Quickly schedule optimized routes days, weeks, months, or years in advance with ease.
  •     No Expensive Hardware to Purchase or Install. Just Your Regular Computer or a Smartphone
  •     The Route4Me Platform Works for Businesses of All Sizes
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Why should a government or higher education organization use doForms?

Ultra-Secure Data

doForms three-point security program assures that data collected is always protected: Within the mobile app, During data transmission, In the cloud.

Back-Office Integration

doForms seamlessly synchronizes data between your mobile workforce and: Back-office databases, Accounting, CRM, Other in-house systems.

doForms Supports Multiple Languages

If you need to collect data from non-English-speaking constituents, the doForms interface can be set to English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, or Italian.

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