Have questions about Eagle Wireless, our fleet tracking devices or any of our fleet management solutions?

Our FAQ’s will fill you in on product details, payment options, technical support, return on investment and much more.

Telematics is the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics technologies to track and communicate data. Telematics is used to remotely monitor and track the location and performance of vehicles and transmit the data via wireless communications.

Yes. Vehicles equipped with our GPS tracking system can report on location and engine performance as frequently as every 15 seconds.

Yes. Eagle Wireless Enthusiastic Customer Service team is available via phone (866-607-GPS3) or email (info@eaglewirelessfleetgps.com) to our valued customers.

Yes. Our remote diagnostics system offers real-time engine Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts. DTCs provide the information you need to make accurate, informed decisions regarding the maintenance and performance of your vehicles. We also provide recall notices from manufacturers, and our Lifecycle Service Management plan helps to streamline the preventive maintenance management process. DTCs are available in our fleet management system.

Yes. Our Garmin CONNECT service can dispatch jobs, a message with drivers, access navigation to jobs, and view live traffic conditions on the in-cab Garmin device.

Yes. Our engine diagnostics technology reports idle time, fuel consumption, and vehicle MPG to help optimize your fleet’s fuel use. Additionally, we provide a fuel card in partnership with WEX. This allows you to monitor all fleet fuel purchases for additional savings. Contact your sales representative today to sign up for your WEX card.

Yes. We train your employees on how to use the system during setup. Then we offer weekly training webinars and on-demand training videos. These are ongoing with no cost to our customers.

We offer two purchase options. You can pay for the hardware up front and then pay a low monthly service fee. Or you can bundle the hardware and monthly service fee into one low monthly rate.

Yes. You can get on-demand reporting for the previous 365 days. However, we archive all your data in perpetuity. To access data prior to the 365-day time frame, please contact your account representative.

You can add as many users as you want, at no extra cost. Setting up employee access to our fleet website is simple and easy.

Yes. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, and emailed at a time convenient for you.

Yes. Diagnostic trouble codes can be immediately sent to your mobile device in real time.