Routing And Dispatching

Eagle Wireless provides the best in state-of-the-art GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect after you contact us:

  •     Increased Number of Customers Served
  •     Improved Customer Service Efficiency
  •     Efficient Routing and Increased Daily Stops
  •     Limit Unauthorized Vehicle Use
  •     Increase Productivity
  •     Faster Access to Your Team
  •     Timely Maintenance
  •     Modify Driver Behavior
  •     Proof of HOS Compliance
  •     Cold Chain

Dispatching Solutions

Eagle Wireless provides DoForms [JB5] Software for the best in state-of-the-art Dispatching Solutions. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect after you contact us:
  •     Dispatch to any tablet or smartphone directly from DoForms.
  •     Deliver messages faster with one-touch, push-to-talk technology.
  •     Dispatch the closest worker for fast arrival times.
  •     Help manage worker travel times.
  •     Notify Customer Service of issues without being put on hold.
  •     Use DoForms to collect data on smartphones, tablets, laptops or the web.
  •     Field-based workers, customers, and vendors can easily capture mission-critical information.
  •     Integrate data collected via the app in the field with third party software including Quickbooks, Salesforce, Access, and Excel, as well as platforms based on SQL, Oracle.


Eagle Wireless provides Route4Me[JB6] software. This is mobile-ready, software that works with almost any industry and scales to route size and complexity.
  •     Route4Me is Easy-to-Use Optimization Software.
  •     Route4Me is the Most Used Route Planning Software on The Planet.
  •     Puts Route Planning on Auto-Pilot So You Can Grow Your Business.
  •     For every business whose employees are on the go.
  •     Early Morning Routing Issues are Solved in Seconds.
  •     Route4Me is the right way to optimize your routes.
Type, copy-and-paste, or upload your customer list. Then, pick the number of drivers and hit optimize. That’s it! Within about 10 seconds you will have an optimized route for yourself, or for every driver on your team. Routes are optimized just as quickly when doing large fleet route optimizations. Route4Me Route optimization software gives you an immediate return on your investment. Saving Time & Money is Guaranteed

About Route4Me Route Planner

  • No matter who you are, you can use a route planning system that lets you optimize your activities to save time and money.
  •     Route4Me™ begins with the simple idea that there is a need for a route planning and mapping system that lets people find the most efficient route not just between points A and B, but between points A, B, C, D, and… Z.
  •     The system scales from a simple two-stop route to hundreds or thousands of stops on one trip.
  •     It provides all the information needed to plan and complete a trip, including a route listing, a map with pins and route lines, and driving (or walking) directions.

Once you create a route it can be saved to your Route4Me account for later reference. It can be shared with your friends or business associates by email, or on Social Media. Routes can always be edited later.

On average, Route4Me users reduce their daily route planning chore to less than 10 minutes per day.

Drivers may experience a 35% reduction in drive time. The time and money savings are even larger for fleets.

The Route 4 Me website and easy-to-use mobile apps are intuitive and user-friendly. The Route4Me apps were designed and built from the ground up for the Apple and Android platforms.

Over 5,000 businesses reported specific increases in their incomes last year because of Route4Me. Many reported time savings on planning routes of about 20 hours per week and drivers experienced reduced drive time.

Using Route4Me Software

Plan Optimized Routes & Schedules in Only 3 Steps:

  •     Type, copy-and-paste, or upload your list of customers or addresses you need to visit and hit plan route.
  •     See the optimized route on your computer or get it on your mobile device immediately
  •     Travel the Route.
  •     Upload large files having even thousands of orders, one or many depots, with support for dozens of regions, even thousands of drivers.
  •     Optimized routes are created and distributed to field personnel, and can be tracked in real-time.
  •     From a single dashboard, you can track the team, move customers from one route to another, monitor your entire fleet, and much more.

Syncs with your iPhone, iPad, and Android

FYI: Route4Me is the only route planning software that has native applications built for the Apple and Android platforms. But that isn’t all…

Route4Me mobile route planning apps feature real-time synchronization of all:

  •     Routes and customer addresses.
  •     Written notes & photos at each stop.
  •     Sign-on-glass verification.
  •     Route progress & location tracking.
  •     And more.

The Route4Me app offers turn-by-turn directions and works automatically with Google Maps, Waze, and over 500 telematics vendors.

  •     Map & Visit Your Customers
  •     See All Your Optimized Routes
  •     Instantly See Helpful Info About Your Operation
  •     Track Route Progress, Take Pictures, Add Videos, Notes, and More
  •     Syncs with Your Apple and Android devices.
  •     Route Scheduling & Route Planning Software That Adapts to Your Business Schedule
  •     No Training Required – As Simple as E-Mail, for all Your Routes
  •     Quickly schedule optimized routes days, weeks, months, or years in advance with ease.
  •     No Expensive Hardware to Purchase or Install. Just Your Regular Computer or a Smartphone
  •     The Route4Me Platform Works for Businesses of All Sizes
  •     Professionals & Businesses of All Types Save Countless Hours by Using Route4Me
  •     Increase Your Profit